Training & Consulting


CONSULTING SERVICES GZ JUNFENG is capable to develop customized Training and Consultation solutions with unparalleled quality, flexibility and value to meet client’s individual needs. Equipped with over 20 years of solid contact centre management experience in different industries, GZ JUNFENG is dedicated to provide professional Training and Consulting services to contact centres. With a team of Training and Consulting experts, GZ JUNFENG is able to help guide our clients to strengthen business results through improving the process and performance of the contact centre.


  • Customer Contact Centre Consulting Services:

      • To identify customer service and telemarketing management strategy that creates more business opportunities to our clients

      • To provide mystery caller and benchmarking study services

  • Customer Service Management Training Series

      • Contact Centre Manager Training
      • Contact Centre Manager Training
      • Contact Centre Supervisory Management Training
      • Contact Centre Professional Training
      • Contact Centre Operation Management Training
      • Customer Service Team Building Training
      • Contact Centre Professional Trainer Training
      • Customer Relationship Management Training

  • Tele-Marketing Management Training Series

      • Telemarketing Supervisory Management Training
      • Telemarketing Skills Training
      • Telemarketing Project Management Training
      • Telemarketing Script Design Training
  • Competency Enhancement Training Series

      • Customer Service Excellence Leadership Training

      • Complaint Handling and Stress Management Training

  • Service Quality Management Training Series

      • Contact Centre Service Quality Management Training

      • Effective Monitoring and Coaching Training


Jun feng is committed to providing professional and practical consulting services to clients from different industries.The consultant team of jun feng is composed of senior consultants in the contact center industry and experts in different areas of the industry to help clients improve the operation performance of the contact center and achieve higher management efficiency.
During the implementation of the project, jun feng will work closely with customers to develop close-fitting, flexible and operable solutions to meet the challenges faced by customers in the operation management and customer experience of the contact center, consolidate and continuously improve the management performance of the contact center.

  • Jun fung consultancy services include:

      • Develop customer service and telemarketing management strategies to create more business opportunities for customersDevelop customer service and telemarketing management strategies to create more business opportunities for customers
      • Provide mystery calls and benchmarking services


Jun feng information technology co., LTD is located in "guangdong information industrial park for disabled persons".The park covers an area of about 1,900 square meters, with enough office and accommodation facilities to meet the needs of 400 employees.In addition to the perfect living facilities, jun feng has advanced hardware and software equipment, can provide a comprehensive and good learning environment for training courses.

  • Disabled people call center training base

      • Jun feng's training site has been put into service since its completion, and has become the first training base for disabled persons in guangzhou, guangdong province.

      • Provide mystery calls and benchmarking services